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Rhino Linings® coatings

Gearhead Truck Outfitters Rhino Linings® coatings

Rhino Linings® coatings

Gearhead Tuck Outfitters, LLC is your local authorized Rhino Linings® coatings retailer and applicator for truck and Jeep® vehicles in Belgium, WI. Serving Ozaukee and neighboring Wisconsin communities of Fredonia, Port Washington, Random Lake and Oostburg.

Rhino Linings® coatings provides the highest level of corrosion, impact and abrasion resistance for your truck bed, grille guards, bumpers, rocker panels and more. For your new or existing truck, trailer, RV and equipment, Rhino Linings protects against rust and corrosion, resists most chemicals and is impact and abrasion resistant.

Rhino Linings spray on applicators protect against corrosion and abrasion and make off-road clean up a breeze

For Jeep Wranglers, Nissan Titan, Toyota Tundra, Chevy Colorado, boat trailers, RVs, fleet vehicles, ATVs and even boats and equipment. From your Jeep tub to your SUV bumper or grille guard, Rhino Linings extend the life of your vehicle, trailer and more.
The nationwide warranty program reinforces Rhino Linings Corporation’s reputation for producing the longest lasting, most durable spray-on truck bed liners in the world. Bed liners are warranted to not crack, bubble or peel. The Rhino Linings warranty is only available to the original Rhino Linings purchaser and is not transferable.

Rhino Linings® Authorized Applicator for HardLine spray linings

  • Rhino spray on truck bed liner HardLine brandHardLine® coating is Rhino Linings Corporation’s hardest truck bed lining yet. Sprayed up to 1/8″ of an inch, it is best for surfaces exposed to heavy impact and scratching. The HardLine bed liner is provides your bed liner with the ultimate protection. Used in commercial landscaping and pool vehicles, snowmobile trailers, truck beds and wheel wells, speaker boxes and more. Offers an economical solution for impact, corrosion and chemical reistance. Available in black or color-matched dark colors with UV top coat.
HardLine spray-on bedliner can be applied to truck beds, rocker panels, Jeep tubs and just about anything that you want protected forever.

Rhino-Lined Boat

horse trailer with spray-on truck bedliner
jeep tub with bedliner


Rhino Linings® other spray-on bed liner brands

  • Rhino truck bed liner Hybrid brandRhino Hybrid™ coating offers the best of both worlds, corrosion and chemical resistance. Sprayed up to 1/8″ of an inch, it provides superior impact resistance to withstand the roughest of conditions. Perfect application for protecting commercial vehicles, truck beds, EPS foam and more, it offers a flexible bond and is available in a full color range with UV top coat.
  • Rhino extreme spray on truck bedlinerRhino Extreme™ coating  was intended to be a commercial and industrial coating but has become our latest truck bed liner phenomenon! This coating product offers great chemical and corrosion resistance as well as superior impact resistance to withstand heavy loads. Sprayed up to 1/8″ of an inch, it is a protective coating that bonds to virtually all substrates of any dimension, including metals, woods, concrete and fiberglass. So if you want an industrial-strength truck bed liner…go Extreme! Excellent application for truck beds, floor boards, wheel wells and rocker panels, commercial vehicles, blast mitigation, digesters and clarifiers, non-slip flooring, and more. This product offers high physical properties including tensile, tear and elongation, the best impact, abrasion, corrosion and chemical resistance, and is available in a full color range with UV top coat.
  • SolarMax truck bed coatingBe the envy of the neighborhood!
    There is nothing more eye-catching than a color-matched truck bed liner with SolarMax® protective coating or a UV top coat applied to your truck bed liner. Both offer superior UV protection so that your colored liner is sure to last! SolarMax® protective coating is the next generation of spray-on truck bed liner vehicle protection. Sprayed up to 1/8″ of an inch, this unique, aliphatic formulation, combines toughness with maximum color stability. With its long-lasting color and UV protection, SolarMax applications look great and last much longer than most bed liners! Perfect for your truck bed, marine use, decks and stairwells, walls and floor protection, any color fast chemical outdoor application (such as fire hydrants) and hard coating EPS foam. Full color range available except pearls and metallics.
    Rhino UV Top Coat offers protection from color change or surface dulling and allows custom color matching to any color, including pearls and metallics.
  • Rhino Linings Tuff Grip Jeep WranglerRhino spray on liner TuffGrip logoTuffGrip® lining is recognized as the world’s #1 sprayed-on bed liner! Sprayed up to 1/4″ of an inch, it offers toughness and color stability, with the legendary Rhino non-skid grip! Excellent for protecting your pickup truck bed from everyday use, as well as coating your vehicle accessories for permanent protection or color-matched chemical and corrosion resistance. Available in a full color range with UV top coat.